Since its very beginning, Phi Beta Sigma concerned itself with improving the general well-being of minority groups. In 1934, a well-defined program of Social Action was formulated and put into action.


The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society and Phi Beta Sigma are waging war against cancer. Through this partnership, the two organizations fight cancer through legislative campaigns aimed at promoting legislation that combats cancer, encourages education and awareness, and seeks to level the ills of disparity between those who can afford treatments and services and those who cannot.

Our partnership with the American Cancer Society marks a new advocacy outreach strategy that will effectively engage Phi Beta Sigma members to take action in legislative campaigns. American Cancer Society has developed a way for members of Sigma and Zeta, and our family and friends, to write letters to congressional leaders requesting action on particular legislative issues. These action campaigns are called Code Blue Alerts. Brothers will receive the Code Blue Alerts via email. They take two minutes to respond to and they’re easy. These actions that help increase funding for prevention of health disparities and other health issues.

Sigmas will participate in Relay For Life and other fundraising for the American Cancer Society as well. Our goal is to raise $100,000 over the next two years through Relay For Life and other fundraisers. Each chapter is expected to raise and contribute a minimum of $300 to the American Cancer Society.


In an effort to raise awareness about the impact of HIV/AIDS on the African-American male population, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, through its Sigma Wellness signature initiative has developed a new project, the Conversations Among Brothers Series. This initiative is targeted at African American men on college campuses and is designed to encourage ongoing peer-to-peer discussions about topics and issues that adversely impact African-American men, particularly HIV/AIDS. With the alarming number of African-American men between the ages 17-24 that are infected with the disease, it is imperative for organizations whose membership encompasses such demographics to take a proactive position in helping to address this matter of urgency. To that end, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, primarily through its collegiate chapters, seeks to facilitate ongoing dialogue among Brothers on college campuses. In addition, the Fraternity seeks to encourage African-American men to not only become aware of the impact of the disease on our communities but to get tested and become advocates for HIV/AIDS testing.

The Fraternity realizes the need to leverage the power of peer interaction and actively engage young people in their educational efforts in a way that goes well beyond typical initiatives like lectures and traditional programs. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity wishes to directly involve young people in a peer-to-peer way which adds energy and momentum to the educational efforts and objectives as set forth in this new initiative.

March of Dimes

Phi Beta Sigma partners with the March of Dimes. Through this partnership, the two organizations will work together to prevent premature births and build strong fathers and male role modes in the African American community through sponsoring Strong Fathers seminars and Stepping To Save Babies. Our members are committed to take the following actions:

Sigma’s volunteering for local March of Dimes chapters, committees and boards.

Chapters co-sponsoring and leading with the March of Dimes Strong Fathers Seminars in our communities.

Sigma’s Stepping To Save Babies initiative: Our goal is to raise $75,000 with each chapter contributing a minimum of $200 for March For Babies.